After a couple of years touring, more studio sessions e.t.c. the band split up. Still Gordon/Dissing released an EP a few years later called “Luca”. 6 songs all together.

During the last couple of years I have written/co-written songs for different artists worldwide. It’s been a pleasure to write with different Danish, Swedish and American songwriters; Daniel Boquist, Rasmus Schwenger, Douglas Carr, lyricist Pam Oland to name a few.

Some songs has even been co-written using the Internet. That’s the case with L.A. producer Jean. T. Na... and it’s been great fun.

Besides writing, I’ve done some cue vocals for different producers, arranging and recording backing vocals, some live performance e.t.c. Whatever the job might be.
The network is getting bigger all the time and I’d say anything is possible..

I'm looking forward to more years of great songs and lots and lots of co-writes