Music has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. As a little girl I started playing the piano, singing and writing my own songs. I believe my first song was called “My Little Kitten” During my teenage years I performed as a singer in different bands. At the time I had only very little interest in writing my own songs. I even went to Danish School of Music for 4 years, as I believed teaching would be my thing. I soon realized how much I missed writing my own stuff and my life took another turn.

In 1996 I met John Gordon, a Danish Songwriter and many, many songs was written during the next period of time. We formed the band “Steam” and in 1998 we released an album called “ talking about the weather”
The release was a success in Denmark. Several of the songs from the album were played regularly on both DR (Danish National Radio) and local stations. The first single "Lover" was on DRīs hot rotation for 8 weeks, several of the big local stations played it as powerplay of the week. A few years later the album was released in Asia as well.